Universe Mode Part 4 – Mason Ryan/??? vs Big Show/The Miz

Mason Ryan Video clip Ranking: 5 / 5

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13 Responses to “Universe Mode Part 4 – Mason Ryan/??? vs Big Show/The Miz”

  1. MikeTheWWEMaster says:

    ShowMiz has returned :O

  2. MonkeyMotel says:

    you sound like slater

  3. MrBuckily says:

    2:55 HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH  that was awesome i rofl .

  4. MrFace7100 says:

    Im Loving this feud with big show & mason ryan

  5. rraNeIsAwesome says:

    fucking heath slater hillbilly

  6. DefaultSpark says:

    Heath Slater is such a fucking nobody

  7. Pun1sh3r1 says:

    right on, thank you for answering

  8. BigPumaGaming says:

    @THEWWE12KID All because I was trying to start a feud with HHH and help Slater win.

  9. BigPumaGaming says:

    You can play up to 6 players locally but it’s not split screen. Everyone is on one screen.

  10. Pun1sh3r1 says:

    Man I’m really liking these videos, can you play 4 player split screen with this game?

  11. BigPumaGaming says:

    @SpiralDown86 LOL! Dude I wanted to distance myself from that nerd.

  12. BigPumaGaming says:

    Yea I should of…lol

  13. branflakes009 says:

    you should just beat up heath slater