Universe Mode Part 2 – Mason Ryan vs Alex Riley / Mason Ryan vs Heath Slater

Mason Ryan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Universe Mode Part 2 – Mason Ryan vs Alex Riley / Mason Ryan vs Heath Slater”

  1. Gilln1nick says:

    You can interfere as many times as you want, as long as they’re 1 on 1 with no added stipulation and isn’t a rivalry match.

  2. The123adam456luke says:


  3. Drunkmonkeyization says:

    Did anyone else see that glitch by Heath

  4. nol kriess says:

    Legend is so easy. This is how people play on legend…….. you have to win a couple matches in a row then change it to legend. then u kik some ***. im only a 11 boy.
    i also subscribed to you

  5. historybuff743 says:

    *sigh* I’TS A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! but awesome vid

  6. kuwaititutorials says:

    what happened to Riley’s skin

  7. BigPumaGaming says:

    Good question. I’ve never done more than one.

  8. DJBlack909 says:

    How many matches can you interfere In?

  9. takethepot says:

    So true. I met him and yes, he is huge.

  10. ZachnoXboxPc says:

    I love your colors…nice 🙂

  11. brickfilmfreak says:

    X-Box = shading
    Wii = Motion scanning
    PC = Graphics
    PS3 = colour

    I have all but X-Box =3

  12. DUCETEAM2D says:

    i always play on legend it’s more like hard

  13. Pineapple2407 says:

    Epic videos

  14. 1maciekpl says:

    I was so complaining about svr 2011, and all the things i wanted to see are in wwe 12. I love this game!
    P.S Sorry for my english, Im from Poland

  15. BigPumaGaming says:

    Thanks man. I appreciate that. I have figured out how to change champions since this video and I always assume someone interfering is against me…lol Thanks again man.

  16. Shadowkillah123 says:

    3(continued). the winning animation screen, it will bring up the menu allowing you to exit and not automatically go on to the next match/show, and if an event is going to happen, it will do nothing until the event comes on. And then it will end with that same rematch window so that you don’t have to go to the next show if you don’t want to.

  17. Shadowkillah123 says:

    Since you haven’t played 2011, and universe mode is new to you, I’m just going to say a few things based on comments you’ve made while playing. Sorry if some of them are repeats, or if you’ve naturally figured them out (I just started watching).

    1. You can change whose champion in that superstar editor.
    2. People interfering in your match aren’t always against you. I think Miz may actually have been on your side since he distract the ref during the pin.
    3. If you hit the rematch button during

  18. laythan3000 says:

    i love ur vids i must subscribe!!!

  19. bestboy1011 says:

    yeah and keep up the good work

  20. acequake91 says:

    miz wasnt after u thats why he didnt interupt ur pin but big show was after u

  21. TheMrL2010 says:

    It’s not the PS3 graphics lol, its the bad contrast of the video.

  22. BigPumaGaming says:

    I’m not sure whether to block you or thank you…

  23. Liamcardtricks says:

    ps3 graphics are so crap, but nice video though man

  24. BigPumaGaming says:

    Agreed. They did a great job with this one.