smackdown 11/18/11 – Mason Ryan saves Sin Cara from Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

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25 Responses to “smackdown 11/18/11 – Mason Ryan saves Sin Cara from Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger”

  1. KOcordero21 says:

    mason ryan vs ryback wat a match i will be doesn’t it?????

  2. Ray Wingz says:

    I’m Welsh and…. MASON RYAN IS A LEGEND!

  3. cara-marie askew says:

    what ?

  4. Moon Cat says:


  5. Isaque196 says:

    Hell’s gate on Ziggler and Swagger

  6. VamsheeX9 says:

    Mason Ryan Coool!!!

  7. purplehazeadam says:

    Fucking awesome!

  8. Pete Sookkhoo says:

    jack swagger is a douche bag running away!

  9. Habibur123567 says:

    1.09 seconds.. Holy Sh*T

  10. Pichaya Sookkhoo says:

    mason and rey should be best friends!

  11. cara-marie askew says:

    commentater:did you see that !
    me : i felt it !!!!!!!

  12. cara-marie askew says:

    somebody pissed jack swagger off

  13. cara-marie askew says:

    no he isnt

  14. cara-marie askew says:

    no they arent

  15. cara-marie askew says:

    no he doesn’t

  16. cara-marie askew says:

    no he not his running is cute

  17. LilBeatsFh says:

    Madon ruan and sin cara could be batista and rey mysterio

  18. clavet fernandes says:

    1:25 jack swagger is the biggest loser running

  19. clavet fernandes says:

    o:27 jack swagger looking like an pig lol

  20. clavet fernandes says:

    the ugliest wrestlers in wwe dolph ziggler jack swagger lool

  21. stormee mooncraig says:

    jack swagger is so fugly

  22. TonZu999 says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.06

  23. 19998JJ says:

    Y does ziggler always bounce on the canvas

  24. tamiranthony says:

    Sin Cara was beating down ziggler untill swagger came. Swagger is a punk ran out the ring atleast ziggler have the balls to stay and get crushed

  25. TheViperRKO238 says: