Mason Ryan WWE ’12 Theme Song – Grizzly [High Quality + Download Link]

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Mason Ryan vs Jack Swagger at Smackdown 11/18/2011

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Mason Ryan getting Batista chants on RAW and at Over The Limit

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WWE ’12 – Batista Vs. Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan Video Score: four / 5

Mason Ryan looking for his breakthrough in WWE

Mason Ryan is riding high on his success as the FCW champion and his recent roller coaster ride in WWE. It had always been a dream for someone coming from a small town in England to make it big as a wrestler. H e had impressed one and all with his all round abilities. The way he pins down his opponents has created quite a rage among the crowd in general. He was a part of the WWE nexus that had created quite a jitter among the pros of wrestling. Under their leader Bray Wyatt the likes of Mason Ryan received major support. The important experience they had has come in handy in their stint with WWE. Ryan himself was of the opinion that it was the turning point in his career.

Presently Mason Ryan is being mentored by CM Punk and he believes that there are very few superstars like him in the circuit presently. He has greatly prospered under the guidance of Punk and remains grateful to him. He is concentrating on reducing some fat and developing a leaner and more athletic body. The extensive routine is quite exhausting but Ryan is confident of making it through. His career plans are quite clear. He dreams of becoming the champion but it is surely going to take him some time in order to reach the pinnacle of success. It was only recently that he was released from the WWE but his dreams in the arena are not over yet. He promises to be back stronger and more agile in due course of time. The fans are looking forward to see their hero in action. Ryan was lately quoted saying that he was open to offers from other wrestling organizations like the TNA which is coming up of late.