Former world wrestling entertainment superstar Ryan Mason has recently given an interview where he talked about his experience leaving the industry, he narrated his experience during his time in the ring and out of it.

Mason, whose real name is Barri Griffiths, had left WWE far back in 2014, upon looking at the man, Griffiths exudes the image of a powerhouse, a human who seems to be crafted solely for the part of a professional wrestler.

With his outlook, it came as no surprise at all when he was signed into WWE, this was just three years after he had began his training, Griffiths had big plans right from the onset and had already chosen a persona for his character – Ryan Mason.

He participated actively in fights and showdowns for a short time during which he was put up against the likes of John Cena and Kane, after which he was assigned a much smaller role. After a while, Mason joined the rebranded system NXT where he stayed for the rest of his WWE career. He was released in 2014.

After leaving the organization, Mason did not quit wrestling; he was on the independent circuit for a short while before joining cirque de soleil. The big man plays the role of archer in the show in Las Vegas.

“One day, the WWE reached out to me and said there’s a job opportunity I might be interested in, I called them back and they said cirque de soleil was looking for someone to fill a role in their show. Then I got the call saying they wanted to offer me the part. I was very excited, it all happened so quickly,” he said.

The big guy has said that his experience in wrestling had prepared him for the role as performing in front of live audience required energy to project the character. In all, Mason seems to be doing well and is happy with his new gig.


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