Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan is the ring name of Welsh wrestler Barri Griffiths. He was born on the 13th of January in the year 1982 and he is also known as the goliath. He is a professional wrestler and fights in the WWE or the World wrestling Entertainment under the RAW banner. Not much is known about his early life except that he was born in Wales and he studied construction management at a welsh college. Later he worked as a carpenter and then later he joined his family business. Then he played a bit of soccer in centre back position at a welsh club and later he joined professional wrestling.

Mason Ryan has always been very athletic and extremely fit. He is a very hard working individual and always strives to attain perfection. A wrestler is always prone to injuries such is the nature of the sport but he has kept himself in prime shape always. He has a very good physique and he has a very tough fitness regime which he follows everyday in order to maintain his fitness. His professional wrestling career started when he starred in a series called Gladiator in Wales. It was mostly about wrestlers and he got selected after a brief interview. He even had to keep a beard to match role in that series.

After a very successful stint in the Gladiators show, he joined professional wrestling in the WWE. He signed a 5 year contract with WWE and he shifted to the United States in 2009 following the signing of the contract. Mason Ryan played in the state category under the WWE banner in Florida and won several matches by defeating opponents who were much more experienced than he was. He came to limelight and eventually he was signed in the WWE television show where he appeared under the RAW banner. He appeared in a Nexus event and intervened during a match. He then joined the royal rumble but he was defeated by John Cena who is the biggest name in the WWE scene presently.

Mason Ryan also appeared in a few other matches later but he lost most of them and was disqualified in one match. But he has shown great determination and persistence which is absolutely essential in the sport. One has to be very determined and one has to keep trying so that one can achieve great success in this sport.

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