Mason Ryan vs. JTG 5th Jan 2012 WWE Superstars

Mason Ryan Movie Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Mason Ryan vs. JTG 5th Jan 2012 WWE Superstars”

  1. Joshua Greene says:

    Jtg is crazy

  2. Albert jost says:

    Rey Mysterio is the best anyway

  3. mralphamegaman says:

    What happened to Mason Ryan?

  4. Rockettoamir says:

    Ever Since His Feud With William Rigel. Aka A Long Time lol

  5. MrAwesomeSZ says:

    thriple threat match batista vs ezekiel jackson vs mason ryan…..thats an
    match O.o

  6. Lucas Vinicius says:


  7. theTVremote2697 says:

    Why is JTG still there?

  8. MattUrsus says:

    JTG could suck my Junik

  9. Dalton Hollander says:

    Hell no. His hair looks boss. He needs to leave NXT and come back to raw.

  10. charbel elias says:

    Jtg is the best

  11. maxthehulk says:

    mason ryan is tougher and stronger than mark henry

  12. Dalton Hollander says:


  13. Dalton Hollander says:


  14. dreythekid says:

    # save jtg

  15. Sam Grace says:


  16. 891reymysterio says:

    i think shad will return and help jtg

  17. jpwhatwhat1028 says:

    mason ryan>>>>>>> ryback but the need to be tagteam

  18. TheApexPred666 says:

    mason ryan is too big

  19. Calicho95 says:

    lol yea

  20. WrestlingGirls1 says:

    Mason is a real Monsterr, but i LOvee it !!

  21. Snurbiho LP says:

    mason ryan can do spear 😀

  22. Rockettoamir says:

    Mason Ryan Is A Superhero

  23. 사 스 says:

    mason needs a haircut

  24. superpeliukko says:

    yeah and short one

  25. TheZeldalink09 says:

    Mason Ryan needs to return and destroy Ryback