Mason Ryan Returns With New Theme Song: “Here And Now Or Never” – WWE Superstars 9/8/11

Mason Ryan Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Mason Ryan Returns With New Theme Song: “Here And Now Or Never” – WWE Superstars 9/8/11”

  1. VindicatedExile says:

    batista batista batista

  2. VladMan2012 says:

    @Carbo932 Morrison – new HBK.

  3. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded oh sorry did i forget to put a full stop and capital letter in who the fuck gives a shit about grammar out of school when im in school yeah i use grammar when im out of school sack it what’s
    the point of it dip shit

  4. Smushinator says:

    Why the ‘E wants to push roiders like this I’ll never know. In the ring, he just doesn’t know what to do, he moves like a robot. So many better wrestlers struggle to get a push nowadays, and Vince hands out contracts to people like this simply because they have the body he likes.

  5. CamSTL says:

    Interesting. Traveling on the road must really affect these guys bodies (obviously). They list Mason at 313lbs and as of today…less than 2months.. he’s listed at 289lbs…Hmmm lol

  6. HermanHermes says:

    @genosynca No one ever can replace Umaga. Dont even compare Brodus Clay to Umaga.

  7. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo You need to learn some grammar.

  8. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded not being a dick and acting all big and hard swearing your to young you’re talking like you are about 10 or 11 and mate if you think im being a dick like that i bet a lot of people make you cry well easy

  9. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo It’s called a grammar school. And yeah maybe I got the definition wrong, you don’t have to be a dick about it.

  10. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded you live in England and you call it grammar school and search the meaning of top dogs because you clearly didn’t know it before so landed yourself in the shitter there pal

  11. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo Lmfao? I live in England shithead. And searched what?

  12. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded getting a bit pissed off fuck me you won’t last long in England and you clearly searched that up because you said something completely different about big dogs being a main event dumb fuck

  13. 20jameo says:

    @TexiG see now i can respect that answer unlike that retard @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded

  14. TexiG says:

    @20jameo theyre building him up for a push, hes not at a standard that WWE likes just yet.

  15. dbzparodyfan101 says:

    wtf mason ryan wasn’t a rugby player. he was a football (soccer) player and played in a local team called porthmadog f.c

  16. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo A grammar school you fuck. And normally when people refer to “big dogs” they mean it metaphorically as in big by famous/infamousness.

  17. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded and since when has that been the case that’s like saying the big dogs of a football team are main eventers makes no since main big dogs mean big superstars what school do you go to because you might want to look for a new one if there teaching you that shit

  18. saved6036 says:

    00:14 he thinks he is chris jericho

  19. TheRawAnonymousGM says:

    @TK45236 Yep 😀

  20. TK45236 says:

    @TheRawAnonymousGM Lady Gaga is a dude ?

  21. TheRawAnonymousGM says:

    He stole Batista’s Face, Lesnar’s Body, Regal’s Hair, Jericho’s Taunt for Entrance, and Snitsky’s Finsher. What’s Next?! Lady Gaga’s D!ck?!?

  22. RDthewayitsment2be says:

    Mason Ryan I call him Anti Batista

  23. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo Big dogs=main eventers.

  24. 20jameo says:

    @dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded and were did i say he should be main eventing i said he should be in matches against the top dogs not that he should be main eventing and batista waited 3 years for a title but played in big events

  25. dcmarvelrulzbkfrmded says:

    @20jameo Sheamus is a good wrestler though. Also Batista waited 3 years to be elevated to singles main event.