Mason Ryan In New Role

If you have been a fan of Mason Ryan you probably miss him in the WWE Universe.

He was known to demolish new comers in NXT when the brand started in 2014. He was known as a mauler of absolute proportions. In his prime he was a well established fighter who was hard to ignore and he was known to take on opponents like Kane and John Cena. Many do miss his presence, though he is seen in a new arena these days, the stage show called KA that is part of Cirque du Soleil’s stage show in Las Vegas. His role has definitely taken on a new turn and there have been interviews about how he feels about his new role of the real fighting ring.

Many who have been his fans were surprised to hear about his new role and the fact that he would want to take it up. Many are intrigued to know how he became convinced to be part of the stage show Ka.

As per Mason, he had left WWE but was taking on independent fights in Japan, UK and other countries. He was suddenly contacted by WWE and informed that there might be a role for him with Cirque du Soleil. He felt that it was something totally random for him to try at that time. On being asked whether he knew what to expect out of the show, he stated that he did not know at that time what would be required of him and he did not think that he had the acrobatic skills for it. However, he was soon called for an audition and told that he would be auditioning for the role of Chief Archer which sounded great to him. He states that he had great fun auditioning and was surprised when he was offered the role. To have gotten the role offer was a mind blowing experience for him.

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