Mason Ryan (FCW Champ) vs. Richie Steamboat FCW 8/27/10

Mason Ryan Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Mason Ryan (FCW Champ) vs. Richie Steamboat FCW 8/27/10”

  1. 123jimmyBgood says:

    @DanTheCannon you dont have anything better to do then challenge trolls to a troll off?

  2. reivenlocke says:


    Darren Young

  3. TheMexiwarrior says:

    @reivenlocke whos the black cena?

  4. flash5567 says:

    @DanTheCannon U so mad

  5. TheKilleenRoo says:

    around 0:47, 0:48, did he said ‘Shut up’ to u?

  6. TheSalman5555 says:

    @blueberry7honeypie darren young is black john cena

  7. blueberry7honeypie says:

    so this video is like a match of ricky son vs junior batista then?

  8. blueberry7honeypie says:

    whose the black cena?

  9. 647416 says:

    batista vs ricky steamboat

  10. theez14 says:

    He moves about as well as Batista

  11. werewolf772 says:

    annoying hoe

  12. magpiefabric says:

    @DanTheCannon Awwww, was the internet man mean? Does baby want a bottle?

  13. japanpro1 says:

    face it, the wrestling is barely passable. what fcw has are really hot wrestlers. in japan pro the cam is not shy about being all over a hot wrestler every chance it has. the fcw cam seems to be in row 40 and half of this match is in the dark. can you picture mr fugi doing a nerve hold on mason’s phenomenal trapezius and the cam doing a wide shot of the entire venue.

  14. japanpro1 says:

    i need to check in on american pro every few months, not for the really bad wrestling, but for the hot bodies. absolutely pathetic action. action? show me steamboat’s birth certificate. can you google njpw or noah?

  15. japanpro1 says:

    i need to check in on american pro every few months, not for the really bad wrestling, but for the hot bodies.

  16. xLuiKangx007 says:

    Richie Steamboat wants to Make His Father Ricky Steamboat proud

  17. RefugeeLcci says:

    baby batista lol! haha it’s true as hell, you called it crowd

  18. RyanIsOffended says:

    He is like a young Batista… In looks and the lack of talent.

  19. BboyYingYang says:

    i hear batista ever time i see his matches haha

  20. noursjj98 says:

    wow this guy looks like batista

  21. arentz00 says:

    @DanTheCannon lol you’re a fucking clown

  22. arentz00 says:

    @DanTheCannon lol you really a douche

  23. dietfreeman42718 says:

    Wow, Ryan is just god awful! He’s lock ups like weak, his striking looks just as weak and when he went over the top rope he made it look like he just jumped over it.

    It’s just sad to see how some guys who have no reason to be at that level get there and how guys, who maybe smaller and not as build but can work a match and make wrestling look “Real” never ever get the time of day from WWE.

  24. mrmagnetoman88 says:

    @airehk yeah, basically many of the big guys were Brock Lesnar “clones”. Bobby Lashley closely resembled Lesnar, except that he could’ve been better on the mic.

  25. reivenlocke says:

    Even Chris Jericho called him BatisTWO.