Mason Ryan (FCW Champ) vs. Lucky Cannon FCW 11/20/10

Mason Ryan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Mason Ryan (FCW Champ) vs. Lucky Cannon FCW 11/20/10”

  1. Blademan54 says:

    2:09 no is Batista

    wahahaha X’D

  2. extremenigma100 says:

    sorry but cardiff aint a town and you say wales sucks well you f’ing suck , garri grifiths would knock you out.

  3. DJkiller112popking says:

    your rasicst

  4. lew87ys says:

    he isnt from cardiff you cunt

  5. thehiredhit says:

    mason has a longgggg time to go before he is ready to be a big boy in the ‘E’…. Didn’t they sign Faddi ‘The Bull’? He is a better canidate for this kind of push

  6. apexpein39 says:

    you stupid egomaniac Naciremas. You and your pathetic culture have not enough resources to subsist besides money and oil. You are a soulless monster who dares to call yourselves as the full continent. Youve got no culture with your flag bikinis and your dallas cowgirls singing the national anthem. You are a bunch of egoistical selfish rootless ignorants who shit in the legacy of true USA people like Washington and Lincoln. But theyre dead, instead of you, thats unfair.

  7. apexpein39 says:

    new nexus is drowning, bring back SES

  8. apexpein39 says:

    its actually stupid and tasteless nacirema. everybody is necessary, I accept you, I tolerate you. You have no culture and you infected us and Canada with your stupid shit. I try to coexist in respect with everybody in peace. Who do you think you are to insult people form other countrys you with your cheap national symbols usa flag bikinis and dallas cowgirls singing your national anthem. Youve got no dignity, a lot of countries hate you but we are respectful so we dont insult you.

  9. apexpein39 says:

    its actually stupid and taste less

  10. apexpein39 says:

    the new born nexus

  11. CaelestraszRS says:

    Couldn’t help but laugh when someone shouted “We’re gonna deport you!” People weren’t kidding when they said he looked like Batista, but when he debuted on RAW 2 nights ago, the beard kind of added the Steve Blackman look as well. Great video btw ^^

  12. DanTheCannon says:

    Stop watching american events then. I have never watched a show from your country. We could survive without you, hell I never even knew your shitty little town existed because it has zero relavance to anyone outside of it. Enjoy your awesome country & stop watching my vids. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that Mason is a great wrestler lol. Your approach sucks just like your country so carry on with your pathetic existence.

  13. DanTheCannon says:

    Standard non American, a jealous know it all

  14. DanTheCannon says:

    That’s how he is introduced in FCW so go call them names. I’m in America & thats all I really care about so GFY

  15. xxxnickxxxxx says:

    i think Mason Ryan is ready for the roster, he can be a bigger star then Batista because hes even better and Masons finishers are good

  16. kidlou says:

    Mason Ryan does remind me of Batista: slow in the ring, potential to botch a move, and boring

  17. cman9601 says:

    bryon saxton more like bi-ron sexual

  18. Infernalhermit says:

    Lol at the “Cardiff Wales is a stinking little town” . Anyway as a Welshman, Mason already has my support. But yeah, he still has some way to go yet. FYI, Mason is from North Wales and they generally do have rather thick accents up there so it doesn’t do many favours for him. Still, he handles himself moderately well. At any rate, I think he’s less clunky than Batista and he doesn’t counter EVERYTHING with a spine buster. The resemblance is still fucking uncanny though…

  19. DanTheCannon says:

    Personally I just don’t think he’s ready yet. However puting him on SD is definitely the right choice. I record most of the shows but my batteries die so quickly & im not allowed to bring my handheld camcorder

  20. saulski90 says:

    he should go to smackdown since raw has sheamus and wade ke kinda looks like aberto to me do you record the whole show