FCW – November 7th – FCW World Title: Mason Ryan vs. Johnny Curtis Part 1

Mason Ryan Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “FCW – November 7th – FCW World Title: Mason Ryan vs. Johnny Curtis Part 1”

  1. razorSxE says:

    bryan saxton…..stupid commentator wants to become a wrestler….

  2. BizarreGuitar18 says:

    Johnny Curtis looks like Dane Cook

  3. Admaster50 says:

    lol 2:41 “you suck batista”

  4. 213bret says:

    Johnny Curtis & Mason Ryan,both have a good future in WWE

  5. jonjon535353 says:

    Mason Ryan is so damn green. I wanna like this guy, because he has a great look, but he really should’ve NEVER been brought up so soon. I respect the fact that he made reference to this in an interview after his debut. He stated he doesn’t see why he was brought up, and that he needs the work.

  6. TwinBladeFury says:

    @MrRevolution108 Doubt it. Neither group is even in control of their respective brands as it is… I could possibly see the Corre turning face, but that would be pointless and would defeat the purpose. Barret has solidified himself as a heel, and Jackson would not work as a face. That being said, the two groups brawling at PPVs like they did at the Rumble seems likely. Oh, and Orton is facing Punk at WM and Barret is facing the Undertaker, so they’re kinda tied up.

  7. MrRevolution108 says:

    @TwinBladeFury true… but they could fight for brand supremacy! or control of both brands! something like that, but what you said makes sense.

  8. TheGamer1131 says:

    i wish this was ccw

  9. loboDX182 says:

    @HybridDolphin and because of hhh

  10. pspsvr10 says:

    @mrkurd yeah sure stop lying and get real facts u goof before u lie and post when i have facts dumb ass

  11. ACREEK12 says:

    @TwinBladeFury control for power or who’s the best something like that

  12. ACREEK12 says:

    when i first saw him on a raw replay i thought it was Batista lol

  13. TwinBladeFury says:

    Wow… The announcers aren’t even making an attempt to talk about the match…
    Yet the commentary is still far better than what we hear on TNA.

  14. TwinBladeFury says:

    @MrRevolution108 If WWE doesn’t have their heels fight their other heels, why in the hell would they consider making two heel FACTIONS fight each other? And with Punk and Barret as their leaders, no less, who are the two most over heels in the company right now?

  15. gaatakek says:

    there are more fans in attendance here than in your average TNA show . . .

  16. TheCookieDookie says:

    he’s big, he’s bad, he looks like Batista without the veins, he’s all the WWE look for in a wrestler……..his real name is Barri Gryffiths….the epittemy of drunken welsh brawlers on a saturday night out in Cardiff. 😛

  17. RawIsAvila22 says:

    Mason Ryan needs his name changed. Hopefully it wouldf be better than the mike migili-failure name idea.

  18. leeby100 says:

    @MrRevolution108 Well The New Nexus has 5 members right now and The Corre has 4. The Corre needs someone else. Otherwise It wouldn’t be an even match.

  19. MrRevolution108 says:

    Mason Ryan doesn’t look 290 pounds here, he looks more like 250, but in WWE he is enormous! Also, on Raw, CM Punk is forming a new and improved nexus! Husky harris, Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga, CM Punk and Mason Ryan! Meanwhile, Wade Barret is doing the same thing on Smackdown! Wade Barret, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel jackson and Heah Slater! they should have an epic elimination tag team match at wrestlemania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. barbarash says:

    @mrkurd Well Batista is mildly retarded, so I can believe you are friends. Go check wikipedia.. both Batista and Mason are billed as 6,6. Get over it, it’s really not a big deal.

  21. MrDroberts24 says:

    No one can replace Batista, sorry he just had the “it” factor.

  22. ShodanSempaiLuke says:

    @Iunnop Wrestling isn’t actually all that rare in wales tbh, speaking as a welsh wrestler myself, There are many wrestling companies holding shows all over south wales, one of the best up coming promotions and recently been made a part of The British Wrestling Council is Dragon Pro Wrestling, they can be found on youtube and facebook they do have a couple of shows coming up which are well worth taking a look at live!

  23. dannydollarfan1 says:

    @dannydollarfan1 did u see him come out on raw dude i thought it was big dave for a second

  24. mrkurd says:


  25. HybridDolphin says:

    only reason why batista was so successful its because WWE needed a new Monster to replace Brock Lesnar