Deano & Goliath (Mason Ryan) v Gangrel & Chad Collyer part 1 Southend 27/01/09 All Star wrestling uk

Mason Ryan Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Deano & Goliath (Mason Ryan) v Gangrel & Chad Collyer part 1 Southend 27/01/09 All Star wrestling uk”

  1. AngieCrouter says:

    lmfao “DIRECTLY FROM THE WWE, THE WWE SUPERSTAR GANGREL” WTF gangrel hasn’t wrestled in wwe in longgggggggggg time long before 09

  2. LilianaVess101 says:

    No he isn’t unless u mean the new cm punk nexus

  3. Deeaannoooo says:

    @LilianaVess101 yep he is

  4. LilianaVess101 says:

    No he isnt

  5. MrBoxing360 says:

    that gladiator is Mason Ryan the Newest member of the Nexus in wwe

  6. oisinholz says:

    wat a tiny ring

  7. Undeadsleeper says:

    Chad Collyer is from my home town and he totally rocks!

  8. goldie2k9 says:

    how do i join this wrestling or train for it…how did you do it

  9. MultiCelt says:

    Im so glad Im welsh cause they come to towns very close to where I live

  10. shootmybum says:

    will this wrestling ever be on tv?

  11. antti13 says:

    Can some1 answer me ? What the fuck is that ?

  12. Deeaannoooo says:

    Im 95% sure i will be there with it being so close to me

  13. EHWSuperstar09 says:

    deano will u be in chester in november 09 coz i’lld like to see u there

  14. 1IpswichTown says:

    wat size r the flags n flag sticks?

  15. 1IpswichTown says:

    Wat is the name of Robbie Brookside’s music?

  16. 1IpswichTown says:

    Also Deano. Is there any chance of gettin Jon Heidenreich in Ipswich in November and March?

  17. 1IpswichTown says:

    Deano i heard that Shawn Stasiack is taking bookings. Is there any chance of him coming to Ipswich in November and March?

  18. Johngs08 says:

    will you be at butlins skegness deano on 6th September. id like to see you wrestling live as well.

  19. Deeaannoooo says:

    depends on the person? there is about 60 years worth of experiance between the 4 of us in this match lol

  20. jjgenesis says:

    You most likely you wont. Goliath is REALLY nice tho

  21. Deeaannoooo says:

    Yes it is but gangrel wont be there

  22. Johngs08 says:

    is this the same promotion that does the butlins shows every week, because im going butlins in a few week and would like to see gangrel.

  23. 1IpswichTown says:

    how long ave u gotta train b4 u get 2 this level?

  24. chaosmage2008 says:

    that ring is so small

  25. Deeaannoooo says:

    My pleasure bud! Seeya there