Batista & Mason Ryan WWE Theme Song – “Walk Now or Never” [Mashup + Download Link]

Mason Ryan Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Batista & Mason Ryan WWE Theme Song – “Walk Now or Never” [Mashup + Download Link]”

  1. zabo78 says:

    @Awesomegamesful if he came back he will destroy john cena 

  2. 6chu6cky6 says:

    if this were a tag team i fear for Airboom

  3. Awesomegamesful says:

    @zabo78 but, batista signed a contract for 2012 which means he has to come back.

  4. TheRBK21283 says:

    Fuckin Awesome….!!!

  5. zabo78 says:

    @Awesomegamesful i dont think that batista is returning but goldberg yeah he say that he will return if he will face brock lesnar at mania

  6. Awesomegamesful says:

    @zabo78 According to google batista, goldberg and stone cold will be making they’re in-ring returns between the rumble and wrestlemania.

  7. vivilakers says:

    this is actually pretty cool

  8. drago939393 says:

    @styles1871 If only they could wrestle, lol.

  9. ChaosTheory212 says:

    i’m the 400th like 😉

  10. ILOVEUFC4EVER says:

    Mason Ryan & Batista Dream Tag Team

  11. 7717Mal says:

    Mason Ryan and batista vs Kane and undertaker!!!!!!!!

  12. modomeet says:

    Batista vs Mason Ryan Wrestlemania 28 dream match

  13. zabo78 says:

    @YVKewlGuy4NewsCP he was not fired he say that wwe is shit now so he quit

  14. YVKewlGuy4NewsCP says:

    @styles1871 to bad batista got fired :'(

  15. TheShadde says:

    @LukaUkalovic what do you mean that Batista had the wrong music?

  16. naz1m92 says:

    Batista vs Mason Ryan could be even more epic than Al Snow vs Al Snow in a hardcore match thumbs up

  17. wwemattelanimation1 says:

    i am wwemattelanimation1 hello please worldwe1 subscribe

  18. jhazzii1 says:


  19. KoltRumcajs says:

    Twin Magic.

  20. MegaACEJAY says:

    dey look alike

  21. alexangel3030 says:

    @LukaUkalovic actualy there’s another versione of Mason’s Theme with Lyrics but i hope he don’t use it lol

  22. MegaBiggy1234 says:

    mason ryans the wwe champion, never saw that coming

  23. MegaBiggy1234 says:

    should have left the part where batistas theme screems yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh, but u cut that out

  24. orchid1118 says:

    wow..they really look like a twin…

  25. wwesk8jpd says:

    @ManaMania60 mason ryan can beat batistas ass anyday lokk at batista 2011 on google